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Confused Need some advice

i just bought a cowon v5
which was a mistake since it sounds the same as my zune 8gb
i bough since i heard cowon's have a really good sound but then i came across a review for v5 and it said the SQ was not that good
so is that true compared to other players
the other things i hate about the v5 is the touchscreen (i have to like ram it with my finger to click the button) and also alwys have to use a styles which sucks
i was thinking of returning it and getting an another cowon
which one should i get
SQ comes first
i was thinking j3,x7 or the c2
is it true that the j3 sounds the same as s9 because everyone is saying that the s9 is the best sounding mp3 ever
and is there a chance of hdd failure on the x7 since the hdd is spinning unlike flash memory

and which player would you recommend and which player has the best SQ
and also the most apps and themes and stuff like that and also a responsive touchscreen

and should i wait until they come out with aything new
are they coming out with any new products in the US
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Please don't post with such a generic subject line. Forum members shouldn't have to open your thread to find out what your concerns are.

You're welcome to re-post with a more clear topic.

Thank you!
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