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Help Couple of Questions

i just bought my Cowon V5 32gb black for 260us dollars

first does it have am/fm radio or is there any way to get it?
whats the highest size sd card an i put? can i put a SDHC card or what and does it have to be class 10 to smoothly playback hd video?
where can i get flash games and applications and themes for cowon v5?
and i was looking at this thread

and he just put the V5S firmware on it and it worked but if i do this and if i want to turn it back to the V5 firmware will i be able to to that?

are there any other firmware that will work with V5?

What other cool hadcks and things i can do with the V5?
-the only thing i know about V5 is
-better then ipod (not hating)
-plays music and video at 720p and can view documents, pics, has calculator, flash games, converter,built in speakers, world clock and voice recorder

Whats up with the icon that dont open up is it just for fun or is there a purpose to it?

if i am trying to watch a HD anime file thats .MKV and i wanted subtitles what would i need to do?

and for themes and stuff how would i change it, would i just go into the settings or what?

and what the hell is this Windows 6.0 thingy what does it do?

and finally How the hell do you enter the password?how do you open up the keyboard?

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