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Default Cowon Player w/Gapless playback?

I want to buy a player J3, X7 or D3 do any of these support gapless playback for audio book use mainly, reviews are old and dont indicate if any firmware updates address this.

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the c2 is said to support gapless.

as a note, I listen to audio books with my d2+ and despite lack of gapless, you really cant hear the track changes, most audio books are designed to be listened to without a player that support gapless so they put the "gap" where somebody stops talking to take a breath or pauses for a moment.

I use my sandisk sansa fuze 8gb(with 16gb card) for audio book as well, with OF no glapless but its seen as one of the better audio book players(audible and overdrive supported)
with rockbox it dosnt support DRM audio books but has gapless, again tho i have never seen a need for gapless with audio books, and another option is you could just join the files into 1 large file.
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The Cowon J3 and S9 both are gapless btw to answer your question. Not sure about the X7 but I don't know why not. The D2 and D2+ are gapless as well if you rockbox them.
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Old 08-08-2011, 12:23   #4
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the problem with d2/d2+ rockbox is its incomplete AND for audiobooks rockbox dosnt support DRM at all, so your stuck either stripping the drm somehow or only using audio books from palaces that offer them drm free, and the most popular audio book services are NOT drm free saddly.

emusic is, you grab mp3cd's via sites like audiobookstand and copy those off the cd to your player tho.

saddly audiobookstan chooses to use overdrive as their distrobution platform and overdrive prefers WMA with DRM to other formats(some books do come in other formats, its just less common)

c2 "should" work with drm services, if it dosnt the users need to email the support and let them know that the c2 fully supports the use of drm music(checked with cowon myself).

BTW: I HATE DRM....but as an audio book fan, I have to deal with it and stripping it off of files (or finding alternate sources)

EDIT: note, i just found that one of my audio books backs up 5-10 seconds between tracks(5-10sec of audio from the previous track) this is a bit annoying, but it would be even worse with true gapless......i know because i tested it on my fuze....gonna have to figure out the exect ammount of time it backs up between tracks and remove that little hunk of time from each track......ugggg......the things we go thru to listen to a good book

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Old 08-08-2011, 12:31   #5
Marvin the Martian
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The i9 is gapless, at least with LAME mp3 songs.
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Default S9, J3 & X7 are all gapless

I have all three (don't ask me how that happened). All are gapless with the latest firmware, at least for flac files. Can't say about other file types because I only use flac. My original D2 was not gapless, and that was annoying because I have lots of mixes that flow from one track to the next.

I read many complaints about the X7 not being gapless, but I cannot detect any hesitation between seamless tracks. For the price, the X7 is by far the best, although the screen isn't as nice as the S9 & J3.
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