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Old 08-13-2010, 14:49   #1
Matt Caspermeyer
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Default ChkFlsh Fixed My Friend's 32GB SDHC Card

Not sure if this will work for everyone, but I had a friend at work that had a problem with his 32GB Kingston SDHC card.

I was using a USB SD card reader (Model CF-RS205) and my friend had a different reader, but neither reader worked.

We could not format the card and we weren't able to use SDFormat to format the card either.

There seemed to be a very small partition on the card, but we really couldn't write to it.

My friend had tried to format it in Windows - that's when it got corrupted, as a guess.

So on a whim, we tried Check Flash (chkflsh) located here:


This utility will let you "low level initialize" a card and with this option, we were able to delete the partition (it was listed as a FAT12) and then redo the card for the full capacity and activate the new partition.

The card now works fine!

We were then able to run SDFormat (not sure if we needed to do it at this stage, but rather safe than sorry) to reformat the card. We picked the option to erase the card first (which takes a long time - at least 6 hours, we just let it run so not sure how long it actually took!) before formatting.

So if you're having trouble with an SD card (maybe other flash memory types as well) give this utility a shot.

Good luck!

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partition wizzard can be used to remove/edit flash partitions as well, not sure about low level(initialize) but its possible it supports that as well(if you need another option)

one note I can give, sometimes removing the default partiton and re-creating it using a tool can fix issues with some cards, my buddy had 4 kingston class 2 cards that all where buggy, i removed the partitions and repartitioned then sdformatter quick formatted them, they have worked fine ever since and funny enough they get 18.78(read) and 15.xx write speeds after the procedure when using 4gig datasets!!!
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