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Default Problem with files on SD card

Hi everyone! I've been using my D2 for like 2 years and couple years ago I've noticed that songs from the SD card (8GB, almost full) are not listed, as if there were no songs. If I try accessing these files directly by moving to Music >Folders > D2 Ext > Some artist - folder doesn't open and ad D2 freezes. I can access and play only files that are in the root of SD card. Did anybody seen anything like it?
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Default d2+ max 4000 songs ?!

I'm having the exact same problem. I have 16gb D2+, but only 4000 songs recognised, approx 9gb used. Any more are not recognised and when I try external card and try to play a track, it freezes and I have to reset the D2. The manual says the D2 will recognise up to 4000 files. Surely there's a way of having more songs than this. I wanted to have 16gb plus another 16 gb memory card so I can have all my music available. Please help this frustrated old rocker.
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i also have, exactly the same problem
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Thumb Up Cowon FW DB handling restrictions

I think this is really a restriction of Cowon FW DB handling: e.g. the German manual for D2+ DAB says max. 500 dirs, 4.000 files whereas the German manual for D2 DAB says max. 500 dirs, 5.000 files.
If you want to handle more files have a look at Rockbox (e.g. http://www.rockbox.org/wiki/FeatureComparison), which acccording to the feature list can handle up to 10.000 files in a dir and up to 20.000 files in a playlist!
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