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Default D2 and SD card formatting woes

My music collection finally outgrew my 8GB D2 and 16GB SD card, so I upped the card to a 32GB one. Formatted in Windows 7, loaded with music, then stuck in the D2.
Thing is, Windows on a different laptop kept telling me that the card needed formatting and no file system was detected. And then I tried playing the files on the card and they were a mess.
So I formatted it using Panasonic's SDformatter (v3). Took a while, but worked. Now Windows says it doesn't recognise the card and it needs formatting, again.
So I formatted it in Windows, and it was happy enough with that. Until I put the card in the D2 and connected the D2 to the laptop again, at which point the laptop said the card needs formatting.

Wtf is up with this? Haven't had chance to load up tunes to see if they work, but will obviously try that next...
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Where did you buy the card, what make/model is it?
It sounds suspiciously like a card which has been faked to look bigger than it really is, or maybe completely fake.
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Sounds like a faulty card to me. I would return or exchange it.
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