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Default How To: Install/Remove D2+ Firmware on a Legacy D2

Disclaimer: Loading the D2+ firmware onto your Vintage D2 is not in anyway supported by Cowon, you do so at your own risk. If you break your D2 trying this you have no one to blame but yourself, just be aware of the consequences. With that said, best of luck if you do wish to try this hack out.

Long time no see!

I hope some of you might remember me from posting the D2 font editor (d2fe), maybe this speaks for my credibility . After all that fuss about the D2+ firmware the last days I decided to try my luck . This evening I had some ideas on how to get the firmware running on my D2, and after some fails it finally worked out!
In the end it was really simple, could have thought of this earlier .

I will provide full instructions as soon as this gets approved by the MODs. I don't think this is a legal problem for the forum, but I don't want to get anyone in trouble.

Some pictures in the meantime:

Booting, Menu and Firmware version

The Jeteffects screen reads BBE+ at the top!
Music and Video working ...

Pictures work too, 16gb SDHC card works, player identifys as D2+

Hope you like it! And thanks to d2leak for providing the files.

==== UPDATE ====================

Thanks doniago for the quick reply!

So here come the instructions (I hope they are sufficiently clear):

1. First apply the D2N.bin from the "0" folder of D2 FW 2.59, copy the D2N.bin to the root directory of the player
2. Restart your D2 and all contents in the internal memory will be deleted
3. Disconnect your D2 and do not turn it on
4. Now get tcctool from http://download.rockbox.org/utils/tc...tool-win32.zip
5. Put tcctool and the D2+ firmware files in the same directory (e.g. C:\firmware)
6. Connect your D2 to USB WHILE HOLDING THE MENU BUTTON, this will put it in USB boot mode
7. The screen of the D2 will be blank, and you will be asked to install drivers if you never used tcctool before
8. Install the tcctool drivers if necessary (follow the instructions supplied with tcctool)
9. Open a console window and navigate to the directory where you put tcctool and the FW files
9a. To do this in Windows XP/2000: Klick Start->Run and type "cmd" to open a console window, enter "cd C:\firmware" or similar to enter the folder where you put the files
10. Upload D2N_P.bin (D2+ FW) to D2 by entering in the console: tcctool -d cowond2 d2n_p.bin
11. After the upload finishes you will see the firmware starting, stopping at the usb connected screen (or probably a white screen with gray bars)
12. Now delete all contents of the root directory of your D2 and copy the D2N_P.bin (D2+ FW) to the root directory
13. Disconnect your D2 and reconnect it again WHILE HOLDING THE MENU BUTTON, this will put it in USB boot mode
14. Upload D2N_P.bin (D2+ FW) again by entering in the console: tcctool -d cowond2 d2n_p.bin
15. This time the file you copied to the root directory will be recognized and flashed, after that the player will turn off
16. Disconnect and reconnect you D2 to USB (just like you normally do, WITHOUT pressing the menu button)
17. The firmware will start, and stop at a white/gray garbled screen (because theme and font is still missing)
18. Copy D2N_P_FT.bin and D2N_P_RS.bin (D2+ font and theme file) to the root of the player and disconnect the player
19. Start the D2 and the font and resource file will be flashed
20. Done!

A little technical background for those interested:
The problem with simply renaming the firmware to the D2 naming scheme seems to be, the original firmware flasher (d2n.bin from the "0" directory) is unable to handle files bigger than 0x3fffff files. Other than this there is nothing that should hinder the use of the D2+ firmware. By using tcctool to load the D2+ firmware in the RAM of the player, the firmware is flashed by using "itself" as the flasher, so not even renaming the files is necessary

==== UPDATE ====================

I've updated the instructions with a procedure that should now work without problems (the old way seemed to fail for some people). Background (you might simply ignore this ): It may be better to upload the D2N_P.bin file after starting the D2+ firmware for the first time, possibly there is a slight difference how this firmware handles writing to the internal memory. Uploading the file with the original D2 firmware seemed to cause the file to sometimes not being recognized after uploading the D2+ firmware with tcctool.

Reverting to original D2 FW Versions:
You can always revert to an original D2 Version. Simply follow the "how to unbrick your D2 if it does not turn on anymore" in the forum. This is the safest procedure to fully wipe the D2+ firmware from your player.
Short instructions (for those familiar with tcctool):
- Upload "0" folder d2n.bin with tcctool
- Copy "0" folder d2n.bin to root of player
- Upload "0" folder d2n.bin with tcctool again, file from root will now be flashed
- Copy "1" folder d2n.bin to root of player
- Restart player to flash the file
- Copy "2" folder theme/font files to root of player
- Restart player to flash the files

==== UPDATE ====================

Multiboot modification

I've modified the rockbox bootloader to enable loading cowon firmware images. This enables multibooting two different firmwares and updating from a D2 firmware to a D2+ firmware without using tcctool . The modified source files can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=5...21d66e282a0ee8

Warning: Rockbox for D2 is work in progress and the NAND driver (for accessing the internal memory of the D2) is not yet fully reliable. If you get any NAND or CRC errors, there is nothing wrong with your D2, but you just might not be able to use rockbox on your specific D2 at the moment. The current status of Rockbox, D2 support and common problems can be found in the Rockbox subforum. The files released here are based on the Rockbox bootloader r20325, problems might already be fixed in newer versions. Search the rockbox subforum for instructions how to patch a recent version of the Rockbox bootloader in firmware files.

Thanks for this go to the rockbox people and especially shotofadds for implementing D2 support!

The patched firmwares D2 2.59 and D2+ 2.01 are available here:

Updating to D2+ firmware without using tcctool:

This guide deals with updating from D2 to D2+ firmware without using tcctool, for guides how to run Rockbox on your D2 look for guides in the Rockbox subforum. 1. Copy "0" folder D2N.bin from the D2 2.59 firmware update to the root of your player and restart, this will delete the contents of the player
2. Extract D2N_259_multiboot_fn.zip too the root of your player and rename the file to D2N.bin, restart to flash the file
3. Create the directory "multiboot" on your player root, copy any D2+ FW D2N_P.bin (e.g. from +2.01, +2.02 or +3.02) to the directory, and rename the file to "fw.bin"
4. Also copy a D2+ FW D2N_P.bin to the root of your player without renaming it (this is the firmware that will finally be on the player after finishing this guide! You can use 2.02, 2.03 or a rockbox or multi version, whichever you like, just name it D2N_P.bin)
5. Turn off player. Turn it on again and immediately slide the button to HOLD.
6. After you see a black screen with white text slide it back to the middle position, and press the Menu key to start fw.bin
7. If you get an error message about the crc check, you need to repeat copying fw.bin like in step 3 (this should rarely happen)
8. If the crc check passes the file will start and the D2N_P.bin in the player root will be recognized and flashed
9. Delete all folders on the player and copy D2N_P_FT.bin and D2N_P_RS.bin (D2+ font and theme file) to the root of the player and disconnect
10. Start the D2 and the font and resource file will be flashed
11. Done!

Please report if you successfully upgraded using this procedure.

Once you have successfully upgraded from a D2 to a D2+ firmware, you can change to other D2+ firmware version by simply copying the D2N_P.bin and the FT/RS files to the root of the player! You no longer need to follow through one of the upgrade guides!

Multibooting Firmwares (for advanced users):

Warning: only use this if you know what you are doing, this is intended for testing and playing around with different firmware versions.

The firmwares in the above package contain a multiboot modified rockbox bootloader, this enables you to:
-) Have one firmware installed in flash
-) Load rockbox via the bootloader (from the .rockbox directory as usual)
-) Load a firmware you saved as /multiboot/fw.bin on your player

The firmware installed in flash will save its files in the system folder as e.g. "para0.cfg" instead of "param.cfg" to enable the settings of the two firmwares to coexist without conflicting.
This is experimental and so far there doesn't seem to be any problems with booting 2.59 and 2.01 together, I can't say anything about compatibility of other firmwares. You should probably only use the firmware installed in flash to write files to the memory of the player (just a guess at the moment). Theme and Font is shared between firmware versions, but +2.01 and 2.59 work well together with the +2.01 theme/font.
If anything should go wrong you can still always use the unbricking guide get your D2 back in a clean state.

A short video demonstrating multibooting (firmware settings were still conflicting and reset at every start in this version):

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuHKe-NYKPM"]YouTube - Cowon D2/D2+ Rockbox multiboot[/ame]

D2+ FW 2.01 with rockbox

+2.01 with unmodified rockbox bootloader (no multiboot)

The files are based on rockbox bootloader
r20325, for the newest and official builds, and guides how to use rockbox, please refer to the rockbox subforum!


Extract to root of your D2+ 2.01, rename to D2N_P.bin and restart.

==== UPDATE ====================

New firmwares +2.02 +3.02 are out. Find the patched variants (multiboot or rockbox) in the link below:
The files are based on rockbox bootloader r20325, for the newest and official builds, and guides how to use rockbox, please refer to the rockbox subforum!


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Mr. Black
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Because the original version of this thread got so-so-so huge i've split the main post from the rest of the thread, anyone looking can read the old thread here. It has got a lot of useful information inside, the trouble is sifting through it all.
Gone! Just like that!
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Thanks from:
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Help Get problems to revert back to D2 fw

Hello there,

First thanks a lot with all your tricks and help. So I tried to upgrade my d2 2.57 fw to a d2+ 3.10 fw using tcctool! I might say it has work perfectly! Then I start to use it and I felt disappointed with the new BBE+ sound. There's a lack of bass and volume . So I tried all the d2+ fw to see if there's one better. 3.02 and 3.11 are maybe a bit better than 2.11 and 3.10. I only say that when using jeteffect at the same volume cause without effect and equalizer the sound seem to be the same at my musician's ears. and it's a pity the themes and flash skins i like do not fit on any d2+ fw! Anyhow I prefer D2's sound and I would like to revert back to D2 fw. I tried already a few time using the steps in this thread, and using tcctool the same way I did when I upgraded to d2+ except that in the prompt command i type : tcctool -d cowond2 d2n.bin

But everytime i try to make it, i brick my D2 . I really don't know why cause i exactly know how to do it in the otherside. after it failed I use tcctool to go back to d2+ fw, that the only way to unbrick my player. maybe it's because there's 4 files in d2 fw and only 3 in d2+ fw ?

Is there a safe and easy way to go back to d2 fw with or without tcctool ?

Thanks for all
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Help - got the new D2 yesterday and tried to follow the instruction - I got up to point 12 but now the D2 will not turn on at all. Just before I got "Using device "Cowon D2", searching for TCC device, TCC device not found & Ensure TCC device is in boot mode and run tcctool again. Now I get Using device "Cowon D2" & Could not open d2.

I'd currently settle for getting the D2 back, D2+ would be a bonus.

Sorry - at work and can't spend too much time seraching before boss gets in

(I put all the files into a c:\firmware folder.)

EDIT: Not sure how but I managed to continue (re-boot PC etc). How do I check if I am running a D2 or D2+? .... the start up screen says 3.10 but in the Jet audio is has the 'root' as D2.

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Thumb Up tcctool guide works perfectly !

I used the top guide and it worked perfectly for me, thanks for that.
My problem was I had already upgraded to 3.11 D2+ FW on a D2 with the help of the other guide on this forum and everything worked perfectly. So last night I decided I was gonna flash the patched 3.11 to try Rockbox.
Every time after the flash the D2 would turn off and when I turned it on again the flash procedure started anew.

Warnung to others: If you want to flash one of the patched FW files (or any FW for that matter) for Rockbox make sure the file is not write-protected under properties or the D2/D2+ can't delete it after the flash and gets caught in a update loop -duh, like I said, it was late at night.

I recovered my D2 to the 3.59 FW with the help of the unbrick guide and tried to get 3.11 loaded again with the other guide that worked before.

Getting 3.11 loaded was no problem but the boot screen remained the 3.59 one, no matter what I tried.

Thanks to the tcctool guide of this thread loading 3.11 was a snap and worked perfectly, much appreciated.
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Boss, how to use multiboot.zip in the file ah, I know nothing about c + +, Ha ha, hope your help, very grateful!
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sorry if it is a dumb question but i've been looking for the answer for too long.
I already upgraded my legacy D2 to D2+ using the multiboot/no tcctool process and further upgraded the firmware to 2.13 now. but i'd like to multiboot 2.13 and 3.59 and rockbox. If a redo the same process will i be bounded with only 2.59 and 2.01 ( i guess the patch get wiped asa one upgrade) i don't know Enlighten me please.
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Originally Posted by sjstephane View Post
sorry if it is a dumb question but i've been looking for the answer for too long.
I already upgraded my legacy D2 to D2+ using the multiboot/no tcctool process and further upgraded the firmware to 2.13 now. but i'd like to multiboot 2.13 and 3.59 and rockbox. If a redo the same process will i be bounded with only 2.59 and 2.01 ( i guess the patch get wiped asa one upgrade) i don't know Enlighten me please.
I think you face 4 problems:

1. The multiboot files from http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=5...21d66e282a0ee8 have to be adapted to the current Rockbox bootloader and this has to be compiled accordingly.
2. This new bootloader has to be merged with FW 2.13 or FW 3.59 by mktccboot.exe, see http://download.rockbox.org/daily/ma...-buildch2.html.
3. You have to patch FW 3.59 or FW 2.13 not to use "param.cfg", "cwsys.cfg", "radio.ini" and "xdrminfo.sys" as the store for its parameters and configuration (e.g. by patching the string "param.cfg" to "para0.cfg") to avoid conflicts of parameter and configuration storing.
4. You should be sure that the theme and font files of FW 2.13 and 3.59 or vice versa are compatible. Mind also crashdebug's warning of the original thread:
Originally Posted by crashdebug View Post
... I also would not recommend mixing 2.xx and 3.xx versions, this will likely result in DB problems, files not showing up, and so on. Also the firmwares use files to store configuration and settings (language, jeteffect settings, ...) and using different versions would reset the settings on every switch. The multiboot versions have been patched to use different filenames for the settings though.
I managed to modify the multiboot files and compile a new multiboot bootloader with Cygwin on XP and on Ubuntu (see here), but I am not sure if I did it right and if it really works!
On my D2 with FW 4.13 this bootloader stops after printing "ATA", but it did not brick the D2.
Perhaps someone is willing to check the code and correct it if necessary!?

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