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Help A2 problem! ~ Hard Disk Replacement

Hey guys, how are you?

I've got a little problem... I hope some of you can help me

My A2 fell out of my bag, and when I tried to turn it on it just displayed a mini A2 pic with a big red 'X' on it.

I opened it up - and all the plugs were alright but I'm afraid that my hard disk died.

Now...I read some posts here - and some said that I can replace it with a new hard disk from Ebay/Amazon.

so...I got a few questions:

1) Could the problem may be belong to some other part in the A2 (instead of the hard disk)?

2) If (let's say that the problem is only in the HD) I get a new HD and I plug it in - should it work immediatly? or do I need to install an operation system (or something) on it?

3) I took a look at this site: http://www.toshibastorage.com
and it seems that all of those hard disks is in the right physical size:
30GB MK3006GAL (HDD1442) --> That's the one I had
60GB MK6014GAL (HDD1801)
30GB MK3008GAL (HDD1642)
120GB MK1231GAL (HDD1813)
80GB MK8031GAL (HDD1814)
40GB MK4007GAL (HDD1622)
40GB MK4009GAL (HDD1682)
You think that the A2 support bigger memory like 80/120 gb? (or at least 40/60 gb)

4) Did anyone who tried it can tell me exactly what the process, and does it worth it?

please help me guys, being without my pmp driving me crazy
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Have you read the sticky thread on this very topic?
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