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Default Cowon D2 volume(+) button malfunctioning...

Dear friends,

I have a three years old cowon d2 which i use occassionally. A few days back i noticed a strange problem in my player, the volume (+) button sometimes does not function properly. Sometimes when i do a single click on the button, it reduces the volume by one point instead of increasing it by one point. This happens only in the case of a single click, pressing and holding the button increases the volume consistently. Here is an example of the problem: -

Suppose the volume is at 24, i press + button once and the volume goes to 23 instead of 25. I press the button again and the volume increases to 24, another click and it works fine and volume increases to 25 and so on.

Sometimes it loops a couple of times before consistently increasing volume on each successive click. Eg: -

volume on 24, i press + and it goes to 23. I press + again and it comes to 24, i press + again and it jumps to 23 again. After that it starts functioning properly and starts increasing volume by one point for each click.

If i click the button couple of times, it starts working fine. If i keep the player unused for a day or two, the problem momentarily comes back. I have never dropped my player on the ground. Re-installing the firmware and resetting the player hasn't helped. My firmware version is 2.59.

My best guess is a bad or dirty contact point but i need some expert advice. If anyone thinks it is the case, can i fix it myself? Which screw driver should i use for those tiny screws? If the contact point is dirty, what should i use to clean it?

The thought of putting those tiny screws back on the chassis gives me shivers. I have had bad experiences while putting back small screws in plastic bodies, rupturing the grooves due to misalignment, causing the screws to go free.

What kind of plastic does d2 have? How are the grooves, are they too fragile?

Please help............
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