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Ramblin' Gamblin'
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Default V5 HD - Can't see my folders in Windows - HELP!

First time poster on this forum, so here goes nothing, and please bear with me. I can't see my media folders, or any folders on my V5 in Windows 7 on my PC. Therefore, I can no longer copy media, or F/W to the device anymore, rendering it pretty much useless to me at this point in time. I have one main folder, which is essentially "Cowon V5 F:/". I can see most of the required folders when I go into the OS (Windows CE) of the device, but not on the PC side of things.

* Bought V5 HD last August
* Updated firmware periodically since
* Formatted once or twice using Windows XP Pro SP2, and most recently Windows 7 SP1, no problems.

Here is where the problem began:

* Formatted this week using SDFormatter, Third Party Ver., not Panasonic in an attempt to reduce/eliminate lagginess
* Turned the device back on to see that my folders were pretty much non-existant, of which I expected from a format of this caliber
* Went to explore the device using my PC, and noticed that the Music, Video, Folders were missing
* Tried to re-format using Windows 7, various options, tried re-formatting using Panasonic's version of SDFormatter 2.0, and still no dice
* I keep expecting the V5 to rebuild itself returning it back to the Factory Settings, but it's not

I've tried everything from showing folders in Windows, tried to backdoor the device through the device's Windows CE 6.0, and copy/paste the F/W to the right folder, formatted, and re-formatted many times, using several options, I've tried so many different things, that I can't remember anymore. I am pretty sure that I haven't bricked my device, probably just missing a step or something.

Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated, and please do not hesitate to post/write back should I omit any crucial details or otherwise.

V5 HD - 32GB - PC running Windows 7 SP1
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Ramblin' Gamblin'
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Join Date: Jul 2011
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A few more advancements in regards to the aforementioned. First off, I have contacted Cowon Customer Support, and they have suggested RMA'ing the device through them, of which I unfortunately do not feel like doing, for a number of reasons. So I decided to go out and buy a SD Card to see if I could slipstream data onto the device. I have successfully upgraded the F/W to 1.20, and was able to revert to 1.17 in my first test. I have also successfully played music from the SD Card, as well as have been able to copy data over to the hard drive of the device, and play it from there too.

However, I now just realized that the partition is messed up. When I check the Information section of the player, it states NAND Usage: 218 MB / 244 MB. This is a 32 GB player, and should obv. read much higher. I've made some progress, but I've hit the wall again. When I go to format, it see the drive as 32GB nonetheless. I don't want to RMA the device because I am pretty sure that my receipt reads July 27, 2010, but have yet to dig it up to confirm this. I wouldn't want to pay $200 to RMA this device when I can "simply" *ahem* repair this one.

Again, any help/assistance would be greatly appreciated in the matter, and thank you again for reading.
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