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Default Cowon V5 Firmware 1.17

Site (Korean): http://board.cowon.com/zeroboard/zbo...8&bmenu=iAUDIO

Direct download: http://download.cowon.com/data/C08/V...110218)_FW.zip

Google translate:

* Improved video codec
Improved handling of multi-audio
Improved handling of bad frames
AVI file support dynamic indexing
2 Playback video error correction of a dropped
Key Frame certain VC-1 file parsing error correction

* Movie Player
In certain situations differently than your button to display the status of error correction
Under certain circumstances, click the Pause button during playback other files doedeon

"Chungcheongnam-do" Repair Area Name Display

Search Catalogue Displays long words dictionary word error correction

* Photo Viewer
"TV Out" button, click the error for repeated modification

* Duteseuteo
Fix memory leak when you click a particular button repeatedly

* File browser
Under certain circumstances, "Paste" button to fix the error occurs when you click
Go to parent folder inside the ZIP file generated during error correction

* CE desktop image stored on a USB connection after the change not make any error correction
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Default Cowon V5 Firmware 1.17

direct download link from Global site:
English firmware direct download link:here
German firmware direct download link :here
Hebrew firmware direct download link :here
Japanese firmware direct download link : here
Russian firmware direct download link:here

Improved Video codec.
- Fixed the error of skipping or braking up while playing a video file two times faster.

Video Player
- Fixed the error that playback button was displayed incorrect in certain situation.
- Fixed the error that other video file was played when pause button was pressed in certain situation.

Picture Viewer
- Fixed the error that occurred when "TV out" button was clicked several times.

File browser
- Fixed the error that occurred when "Paste" button was clicked in certain situation.
- Fixed the error that occurred when move up to higher folder of Zip files.
source: here
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