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Default total songs not updating from SD Card

I thought I would write about my experience so that other members could comment or even learn from it. I wish someone had told this to me before I spent the better part of a night on this problem.

My D2+ had roughly 2000 songs and my 32G SDHC card had roughly 3500 songs, making the total 5500 songs. Well, with the card in the D2+ I put 100 songs on the external card and it would only read the 5500 songs. I tried taking them off the card, putting the card into my PC, then loading them again, still 5500 songs.

I added 1 song to the player and it said 5501 songs. I added 1 song to the card, and it still said I have 5501 songs.

I read in this forum to get the D2+ to rescan the card, change it to another language, then back to english. That seemed to rescan the card, however still showing 5501 songs.

Well, I got results by DELETING 100 songs off the card, putting them on the player, then adding the 100 songs to begin with. Total now 5600. So the trick was actually deleting some songs off the card to get it to work. My thinking is that lets say you have a file on the D2+ (wish I knew which one it was) that held the index of the songs. It would only read what was on the card until I deleted something to make it recount them.

This is not database corruption, just the total song count. More of an annoyance, but I got it!
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