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Default E2 - battery problem (self-discharging)

Hi. I fully charged my E2 and leave this player unused on 24 hours. Next I connect E2 to the usb slot in my computer but the player needs to be charged because the LED lights up red for about 12 - 15 minutes and after this time the LED lights up green. When I leave unused E2 for even more time I'll have to charge it even longer. I think that my E2 have a problem with battery self-discharge. Can you tell me if this behavior is normal for E2 or I have faulty player and can I exchange it for a new? Sorry for my bad language. Thanks for your help.
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Hi bro. You not alone. I got exactly same problem with my E2. Self discharging. Left for 2 days is empty (100% sure it's turned off - until red light).
And now best thing, guess what, I tried to contact Cowon America - but because I bought E2 in Germany and as they said not from authorized partner, so no help - ask at Cowon Global. So went to Cowon Global, posted question 10 days ago ... and guess what...nothing, no response.
Ok let's try German Cowon...woow quick response :" we don't have parts to repair, ask seller...", so I did. Seller : probably closed business because no response for 10 days as well...

Great Cowon, trip from America, Global to Germany and nobody can help with THEIR product still under warranty.
Never ever more Cowon products, never ever recommend to anybody (thanks support).

Need to find other brand.
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