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Default After SDHC the interior Database went mad...


I got some proplems with my Cowon D2+ DAB. Everything worked fine, till I put an SanDisk 8GB SDHC VideoHD in it. First when nothing was on the card, everything worked fine, but then I put some Music on the card via card reader of my laptop. After that, the music from the card was o.k. But my player didn`t recognized the songs which where on the player itsself. Some very few Tags were showed right in the display but most of them were listened as 'unkown'.

The other problem was that the player just showed me the cards music on the Music List, I had to go to the libary to see the all the folders on the player itself. And also the display freezes sometimes and just reboots from one second to another. Very strange everything.... Would be nice if somebody would help me solve this problem. Already tried to clear the memory of the player...worked till I put the SDHC card in it...same problem....

So thanks everyone for helping me
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Long time since i wrote here. Just got myself a D2+ and i experience the same problems as you besides the reboot-problems you have. Im trying to find out what makes the database corrupted. My player worked fine with a kingston 16gb sdhc till yesterday when i put in like 2gb on the internal memory. Planted my ass on the buss seat and fired up my D2. And then ALL the music on the player is listed as "unknown". I am able to play the tracks but i cant tell whats what. This is the 4th time this happens to me in 2 weeks time. I dont know what the f**k is going on.

Unlike you i stored all my mp3's on the SDHC and it worked flawless till i put in some new tracks on the internal memory... If i find a solution ill post here. Running the 6.13B FW.
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Same FW here. I dıdnt found a solutıon yet. But Im travellıng at the moment so no real time for ıt İ just guessed its the card. But if you have the same problem wıth another card its maybe not the card. So if you find anything tell me.Thanks for that
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