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Help MK1231gal WIll it pop right in the A2?

I have been trying to call Toshiba which has been a waste of time, I just get put on hold and then they tell you to leave a message and they never call back, Same goes with there online support.

I have a A2 3ogb model and want to upgrade the HD w/o having to cut or anyet anything. From what I have found (I think) Toshibas 120GB MK1231GAL will work but I want to make sure prior to spedning any money.

Also I have see some of those driver with the Apple logo on them and was told they will only work with the Apple or Zune. So which exact one would I need and if so where to geta good price on one. I'm in the USA.

If the MK1231GAL will not work what other HD's are available (over 80gb) that will fit w/o any mods.

Also what are the steps to format? Do I go with FAT32? Do I just put the new drive in , format it and good to go or is there a software program I have to load from Cowon.

Please keep the replies simple as this is sort of new to myself/

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hard drive upgrade, mk1231gal

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