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Default MicroSDHC uses less power than SDHC?

I noticed using a normal SDHC card lowers the battery life significantly, will using a MicroSDHC card have less of an impact on battery life?
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No difference.
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This should be a function of current draw, not voltage (2.7 - 3.6 per the spec.) I just can't find the numbers quoted anywhere. All I can find are vague references : Low power consumption: <50mAh

It seems like the extra controller electronics needed to interface the card may draw more current than just interfacing directly to the D2 innards.

This is the site for the SD spec creator: http://www.sdcard.org/developers/tech/

I am using a Sandisk 8GB MicroSDHC with an SDHC adapter. The battery life is still huge, though I have not done time testing. I can go nearly a full workday of videos on a charge.
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I'm not sure if video playback will be impacted too much, the battery life is already short with that where the CPU would be primarily consuming heaps making the extra power that SD cards require, not much in comparison.

I was just thinking, "Micro" is simply smaller, so technically it should draw less power since it should have less chips? The extra electronics needed could be the cause but <50mw is quite a bit of a power.

I tested the life the other day with EQ on, vol 25, screen off, SD in and got 20-25 hours.

Just assuming the SDHC card uses 35mw and @ 25 hours that's 875mw.
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I think the onlt difference is that microSDHC memory cards are physically smaller than regular SDHC memory cards. They're typically meant to be used with compatible cell phones which benefit from the size difference, but they can also be adapted to be used with regular SDHC-compatible devices with an adapter.
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