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Default A2 Battery wont hold Charge

Good Morning Everyone

I have an A2 for 4 years now but not used constantly. One day 3 months ago I used and the unit played fine, then a week later I tried again but it wont turn on no matter what. I purchased an new battery (seller stated that it was compatible to A2), I installed it, It would charge but a couple hours later would be empty. Does any one out there had a similar problem?? or may be knows what it is??
If not does any one know some one that can fix it with out going to the company because they charge as much as it cost new to fix it. (I think the new batery is rated at 3500 vs 4200 I think was the old one but the correct Amps)

Any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated.
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I've had exactly the same problem as you my friend, i would charge my A2 and it would not hold the charge anymore, i replaced the battery, and still the same problem, it would lose it's charge pretty much overnight, you could see it would be green, and then the following morning it would be blue, at the end of the day it would be completely drained, with nothing more than just leaving it.

I've been told it might be due to damage to the charging circuit of the A2, if you're in the UK the best thing to do is to send it to the Cowon repair service, Advanced MP3 Players are affiliated with them so you know it's a reputable place to send it to, here's the address if you decided to send it to them...

This is what Cowon told me..

"Thank you for your email, sorry to hear you are having trouble with your player. Please send the player with a detailed description of the fault, your return address and a contact email address and telephone number to the address below. "

DAD Repair Service
No.2 The Old Engine House,
Eskmills Business Park,
Station Road, Musselburgh,
EH21 7PQ,

Let me know how it goes my friend.
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