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Default Music UCI's

Welcome to the new Music UI Thread

Since somebody lately started a thread about how to check the pages on naver, the final result was that you have to create and account for checking new flash UIs. So i started to look for some new stuff on other sites.

I was surfing through some pages on http://blog.bycube.net/ and found three very nice music UIs and i'm pretty impressed of what i've found. Don't know if anybody is interested in these ones but i'm gonna post the pictures plus the links for the downloads anyway.

Can we have a sticky thread with all the music UIs that we find? would be easier than to navigate through pages and pages. cause anytime somebody finds a music UI he posts it in a new thread like "New Music Ui ... from ...".
Would be nice :-) and i also ask all people in here, if they could post their pictures and download links to the music UIs here (?).

  • name of the music UI required
  • pictures of the above mentioned music UI you post
  • download link
List of the Music UIs in this Thread

Cube S9 Music Tab
Cube S9 Music 2
Cube S9 Music 1
iPod Touch Music UCI v3.5
Kigi625 Black & White
Study UCI 1.0
Nova's First Drips Music & iPod Touch Music 3.5 + (Matrix coverflow)
UTOPIA Interface (design by Cassini, coded by Kvazar)
Cube S9 Modern
El Maco's UI
Bogeul Bogeul v1.00 by Ragelion (same who works on Curve S Line Plus)
Turntable UCI

Name: Cube S9 Musictab
Download: Here

Name: Cube S9 Music 2
Download: Here

Name: Cube S9 Music 1
Download: Here

Source of the above posted music UIs is this page: http://blog.bycube.net/
Cowon S9 / Koss PortaPro

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