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  1. Kizune
    05-06-2012 03:41
    Oh, thanks for the info.
    And a sarcastic "thank you" at Cowon because they make it so hard to code UCIs...
  2. el maco
    01-04-2012 17:49
    el maco
    Okay, I tried changing the language to hebrew and so it seems: Flow won't work anymore. After some experimentation I found out that the folder name "[J3]" returned by the firmware under Hebrew does not equal to "[J3]" when compared in an actionscript program. Instead it equals to the string "]J3[". Crazy stuff if you ask me. Anyway, I made a special version with mirrored brackets, just for you. I'm probably not going to waste any more time with this thing so let's hope it works better. Download here http://www.mediafire.com/?qav7r1zlo06z2p8 and remember to rename resource2_hebrew.uci to resource2.uci, overwrite the old file with the same name and re-build the UCI.

    ps. I have no clue why MakeBrowser won't accept your pasted bitmaps. Luckily that's not essential feature so I guess you can manage without it.
  3. Kizune
    01-04-2012 11:32
    "Pay attention that Hebrew is written from Right to Left, as opposed to the Latin Language- which is from Left to right."

    Does Hebrew work correctly in the other parts of the player?
    I cannot think of a solution, as I said. My UI doesn't differ from Cowon's ones regarding the way text is displayed (TextField.text = "..." that is) so it might be something else that causes the problem.

    "Maybe this effect on the indexes."

    No, certainly not.
  4. Kizune
    01-04-2012 08:08
    What I mean is, the browser uses indexes... even if the folders had an alien language as text, it should still work.
  5. el maco
    01-04-2012 08:08
    el maco
    To sum it up: when you set the language to English, the problem is that song titles are reversed in the track list view. Based on your last message I take it that the UI is otherwise working, right?

    Now the question is that when you browse the [Folders] with the regular browser (not Flow but the built-in one), is the track titles reversed in there, too, when the language is English?

    If you select the Hebrew language, what folders do you see in the regular browser after you tap the leftmost (return to root) button? In fact the interesting part is the [Folders] item (its Hebrew translation to be exact), is it the first item in that list? Also, what folders do you see next when you select the [Folders] (I see only one folder called [J3] in there).
  6. Kizune
    01-04-2012 08:07
    Um, I don't know why my browser doesn't work. It works fine for Koreans and to be honest, I don't know how to "add" support for Hebrew. The folder text doesn't affect the way the browser works at all.
  7. el maco
    01-04-2012 05:11
    el maco
    Flow's cache finding routine involves one "leap of faith", because it needs to enter a folder called [Folders] but that one is named differently in different languages. I assumed it is always the first one. Secondly it attempts to find [J3] (or [X7 HDD]), if those are named differently then it will fail.

    What do you mean by not being able to see hebrew titles? They don't appear in the browser at all or you are not able to select them? The latter behavior might relate to a known problem which I wasn't able to fix, i.e. if you have unicode characters in a two-level folder name (i.e. "Artist\Album" instead of "Artist - Album\") then it won't be selectable. But in this case they should be visible in the browser anyway.
  8. el maco
    01-03-2012 20:09
    el maco
    Which device do you have (S9/J3/X7/...?) If your device is not S9, make sure you're attempting to build a library that is stored on the internal memory. If you can only see the first album repeated it probably means that Flow has failed to find its cache folder. You could check the device's filesystem for a folder called AACache. It should contain all album covers as jpg images.
  9. Kizune
    01-03-2012 18:24
    Uh sorry, this is not possible. As checkmate said, as soon as the screen is switched off, such a feature would stop working, and I doubt many people would keep the screen switched on all the time and thus lose about 50% of battery life.
  10. el maco
    01-03-2012 03:45
    el maco
    Aero requires installing and configuring a plugin to support Flow browser. With Sense, you should be able to launch it directly (its the rightmost browser icon which appears when you tap on the top left corner). I don't have chrome to test but basically you should right-click the image and select copy from the popup menu. The same way you normally would copy and paste the image to e.g. paint except that you don't need to paste it anywhere as MakeBrowser should pick it up automatically.


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