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  1. lane32x
    09-28-2010 01:12
    Hey dude. been a long time. So I popped back onto the forum today to see you posted about a Galaxy S. And as that's the phone I'm looking to get, I'm curious: Why do you want the *unlocked* Galaxy S, since Samsung released it for all the major cell-phone carriers. (why pay an extra 300 dollars if you don't have to).
  2. seojuhwan
    08-10-2010 13:40
    Btw, just noticed your new avatar...
    Who is that???
  3. lane32x
    02-06-2010 19:46
    ha ha. since you changed your name, I've pulled ahead in the chatbox :-D
  4. lane32x
    10-24-2009 02:35
    so, you never told us what you "did"
  5. FLACvest
    10-19-2009 23:43
    EQ From FLACvest:
    Wide 80 HZ @10. Wide 220 Hz @ 2. Normal 780 HZ @4. Normal 4.1 KHZ @ 6. 13 KHZ Narrow @ 12.

    BBE+ From FLACvest:
    BBE @ 10, Mach3Bass @ 3, 3DSurround @ 4, MPEnhance @ ON

    SE From FLACvest:

    Stereo Enhance @ 2, Reverb @ 1

    These were cultivated listening mostly to the Viva, Viva2, and X-Bass Presets as well as my iriver H140 Graphic Equalizer presets, my old O2 Presets, and common sense for those new effects. Enjoy Buddy!
  6. lane32x
    10-05-2009 00:43
    bah! I signed on like...10 minutes after you signed off. is it in the mail yet? ?
  7. FLACvest
    09-29-2009 00:01
    Burning in headphones basically means playing music through them for a specified number of HOURS. Yes, Hours. There's a few change points I noticed with the log on my Victor HP-FX500's.

    I listened to them initially and they WERE a tad harsh through the treble range. We all know Dynamic Driver Diaphragms improve with time, so playing MORE MUSIC through them is the Ticket!

    Here are the Magic Audtion Points from my experience: And these are related mostly to overall treble tone rendition...

    * 80 Hrs
    * 100+ Hrs = OK
    * 150+ Hrs = Adequate
    * 300+ Hrs = Listenable for Daily Use
    * 500 Hrs = Mature
    * 500+ Hrs = Still mellow, wondering if there will ever be any drastic changes. Wiish I had logged up to the 2000 Hour mark. Being an audio nerd and all.

    Bass throughout those points did sweeten up, but I didn't pay as much attention to that as I did instrument seperation, overall musicality and "tone" and fine-ness of attenuation in detail and bass layering in comparison to the treble "taming"...

    That's my experience.
  8. FLACvest
    09-26-2009 22:08
    HA! You'll be one happy camper. They're sweet... and they get better as you listen!
  9. Adapada
    09-19-2009 17:19
    Hey i have to RMA my S9.
    What box should I send it in?
    Would a USPS flatrate box work?

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