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  1. hippoo
    05-14-2012 02:21
    My question is on post#30

    Is it because the name where Music is on X7 is [X7 HDD], and J3 is [J3 EXT], so the resource2.UCI which works perfectly on X7 can't work on J3?

    Could you also work out a new resource2.UCI for J3 EXT?

    That will be the sweetest thing!
  2. hippoo
    05-11-2012 15:11
    Dear El, could you come here and do me a favor?

    Thanks so much!
  3. Peaceful1
    03-15-2012 01:56
    yes I meant that specific article.
    it's not only about the statement more about the point of view.
    some articles help you to see stuff differently from the way you & most others seen before.
  4. Peaceful1
    03-13-2012 07:57
    tnx 4 the link it was very useful if you bump into stuff like that please share them.
  5. AERO
    01-28-2012 02:00
    Oh no, I checked the created 'coverflow.swf' file, it just appeared one music folder and one music album art.. I don't know what's the problem.
  6. AERO
    01-27-2012 05:11
    Hi Maco, I left a message in your 'S9 coverflow' thread, but I think you don't read it yet.
    Anyway, your coverflow maker program, 'makebrowser.swf' doesn't work.

    What's the problem? This problem is continuing. When I run it, it said like this.

    Error while building swf!
    Temp folder: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp\aacache

    So, I check the 'swfmill.swf', it said there is no file named 'libiconv-2.dll'. I found the information about this .dll format file, as a result I can know that libiconv-2.dll is file for Windows XP 32bit OS. I use Windows 7 64bit OS, so I predict this problem is continuing because of the different OS.

    I hope you check this problem. Thank you^^
  7. Gezzer
    01-04-2012 18:17
    U ,Sir ,My Hero! Thank you for the hot support and your warm answers.
    And you wrong, it's not only for me... it's also for the community and all the Israelis.
    Hope your abilities will take you far over your dreams
    Good luck sir.
  8. Gezzer
    01-04-2012 12:30
    For your question , I will try to make the most cleariest for you specially hopefully
    1) The UI is really working after all, only the makebroswe.exe file that not work well for me.
    2)Yes in the regular browser (not Flow but the built-in one) on English also reverse my Hebrew titles.
    3)The Order of the list files in the root page is exact the same as if it was in English.
    The [Folders] item in Hebrew system will be the first item in the Root list.
    In Hebrew system you will see the path of the following files:
    After that you will see the original list just like you see while connect to computer:They show up in English also in Hebrew system.
    [Documents].. and etc
  9. Gezzer
    01-04-2012 07:05
    I sorry for the misunderstanding
    The Hebrew albums names are showed up correctly without mistakes. But none of them show the titles songs themself correctly, it turn them over.(For example: Instead of "Song" title, you will see "gnoS" title)
    About the leap of faith [Folders], when the system swap to hebrew the folders became [תיקיות]
    If you can explain where to translate the faith of songs,albums,folders, genre,year, picture- you will make the UI supported for Israel.
    I know little basic C# and I have microsoft Visual Studio 2008 if it's helps
  10. Gezzer
    01-04-2012 03:58
    Finally I found the problem
    Your Flow Browser have problems with hebrew language system.
    When I change it to English , the UI is working however I am not able to see my hebew titles.
    Can you solve it? If you need a help with foreign language-perhaps I can help...

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