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  1. bebe2009
    08-17-2010 09:40
    H ² O Build 20100813 Beta2 release that happens when?
  2. dongseok
    08-16-2010 03:07
    can I have your recently updated h2o 20100813.ver ????
  3. Edmundajw
    08-13-2010 17:46
    Ok, this script works:


    The only notes are; put it in the h2o_widgets folder, and when you run it, make sure you do it from the terminal. For some reason double clicking it in the graphical file browser just deletes it but doesn't create it again. But it works perfectly from the terminal. The problems from before have gone, and it won't need any editing, as it will create the file in the directory it was run from.
  4. Edmundajw
    08-13-2010 09:04
    Ok, the only thing I was thinking with supplyinmg the script, is that, I thinking for different people/ or maybe different linux ditributions, the mount point for the S9 will be different, so they'll need to know to change that. This was my first bash script, and someone helped me with it- I don't even really understand the middle bit. But I'll see if I can find out how to create the file in the directory its run from, that would be much better to provide in the zip.
  5. JunglePimp
    08-13-2010 00:18
    'NW, may I know why there exist two threads on the same UCI (H2O) ?
  6. Edmundajw
    08-12-2010 22:21
    Hi, I tried to write this in the widgets thread, but it wouldn't let me because apparently a security token is invalid...It must not like some of the words in the code or something. But anyway, I thought that since it could be useful for any linux users wanting to use your UCI with extra widgets, you might want to put it in your first post(?). Your clever, maybe you can work out how to post it so the board lets you, I couldn't...


    For Linux users:

    rm /media/COWONS9/System/Flash\ UI/h20_widgets/widgets.xml
    { printf "%s\n" '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>' ; printf "%s\n" '<widgets>' ; for f in */ ; do printf "\t<widget>\n\t\t<id>%s</id>\n\t</widgets>\n" "$f" ; done ; } >>/media/COWONS9/System/Flash\ UI/h20_widgets/widgets.xml

    Paste this into a text editor like gedit, and save it as Addwidgets.sh (or anything you want.sh) in the /System/Flash UI/h20_widgets/ folder of your S9.

    You might need to go to a terminal and type chmod +x filename to make it executable, but I didn't have to in this case. Then run it from the terminal by typing ./Addwidgets.sh. The first time it will come up with an error that the xml file doesn't exist. This is because I made it delete the xml file before writing it again otherwise on later uses it would re-write the first bit on the bottom of the xml. Of course, there's obviously a much better way of doing this but it's the first thing I thought of, and it works. I don't really know bash but if you do then maybe add a if file is there, then, else type thing, but it's not needed. Anyway, just ignore that message as it still does the rest.

    Also, you may need to change the bottom line of the script depending on where your S9 mounts. I couldn't find a way of making it write it to the current directory, but off course, there will be. But anyway, like this you don't have to have the .sh file actually in your S9, you can have it anywhere. I just put it in there for convenience.

    I'll see if I can explain how it works some other time.
  7. Peaceful1
    07-05-2010 08:22
    well you have to know I'm no pro-soccer Viewer.
    just a simple person that just sees the game
  8. Peaceful1
    07-05-2010 06:19
    I hope I didn't offended you yesterday in chatbox.
    if I did I apologize.
  9. Adapada
    06-30-2010 18:46
    hey dnw, oops I mean 'nw (why did you change your name?)
    Have you begun working on Aero VTX extended versions?
  10. Peaceful1
    06-30-2010 16:55
    can I ask why did you changed your name?!

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