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Conversation Between WAI and dfkt
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  1. dfkt
    08-10-2011 15:47
    I wouldn't say that Telechips isn't capable of making decent ARM processors... I'd be more wary of some random generic Chinese Rockchip stuff in that aspect (they didn't even have a license to manufacture ARM chips for the longest time). I'd guess a quality Cortex or an OMAP would be the most reasonable choice, though, in the long run.

    But yeah, it's all about implementation. Cowon messes up some details, generic OEM Rockchip devices mess up some other stuff. The whole Android thing is still not ready for prime time, in my opinion. That's why I use my netbook, a truly excellent EEE 1015PN (2x Atom N570, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, ION2/GMA switchable via Optimus), for most things on the go. Android things are really crap in comparison, or any other tablet/internet device thing, for that matter. I guess we're still a few years away from the point where tiny touchscreen jack-of-all-trades don't suck.
  2. WAI
    08-10-2011 14:30
    to your Thread you posted i'm going to share a thought of words

    i really think COWON rushed to get into the Android world and they have failed with the D3. also, the price for it is just unbelievably high. hardware wise i don't even want to go there at all. Telechips just needs to stop and let Rockchip take over. i hope COWON learns from the D3 and thus' hopefully comes up with a BETTER Device with good specs. but at a more reasonable price
  3. WAI
    08-02-2011 23:21
    that's awesome man. i just got into Android so bear in mind i may make mistakes on my review Lol but idk yet. me good figuring out new toys
  4. dfkt
    08-02-2011 22:46
    Yeh, MP4Nation sent me some stuff to review for the last two years or so. Raz sure is a decent guy.
  5. WAI
    08-02-2011 22:44
    cool, when i get my Ainol Novo 8 i'll be most certainly sure to do a video! the video will be reviewed for MP4Nation which i am now a user of. good site with nice Players!
  6. dfkt
    08-02-2011 22:34
    I will... with 2.3 it sure looks much more appealing than with 2.1.
  7. WAI
    08-02-2011 22:33
    you should do a Video on the D3
  8. WAI
    05-25-2011 16:13
    hey dfkt, a user seems to be getting some sort of unknown error with tcctool when he trys to write the FW.bin from S9 Firmware. just thought i'd come to you since to know a little more

  9. dfkt
    05-20-2010 15:56
    Heh... would've been good to know if the new SDCFG value works - but having a fresh new S9 from Cowon RMA is of course cool, too.
  10. WAI
    05-20-2010 15:48
    got my S9 back and it works!

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