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Conversation Between Kizune and WAI
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  1. WAI
    09-10-2014 21:23
    i strongly suggest you post the M2 within the News section of this site. Thank You!
  2. WAI
    08-14-2013 21:17
    hey, you wouldn't happen to still have the J3's stock fla/as Files? this guy is needing them http://iaudiophile.net/forums/member.php?u=53607
  3. Kizune
    12-16-2012 04:58
    Oh, that's cool! I live nearby Stuttgart.
  4. WAI
    12-15-2012 23:02
    hey i might be moving to Germany next year. where do you live? i'll find out what part we'll be staying but this is a big decision for me though so i may stay here but surely will come visit
  5. WAI
    06-02-2011 18:28
    what are you up to?
  6. WAI
    05-27-2011 19:42
    what you up to man? keep coming in and and forth...
  7. WAI
    05-24-2011 16:11
    have any ideas for the coverslide UI? did the image i post help?
  8. WAI
    05-23-2011 15:43
    just to let you in i updated the TCCTOOL Guide for S9 and i made a Intro Video of my new guide. have a look Link
  9. WAI
    05-03-2011 00:04
    here's my Video Link
  10. Kizune
    05-02-2011 16:43

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